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What this Wiki is for

As our name suggests it is a roleplaying wiki. However we don't focus on just one topic to roleplay. We focus on roleplaying everything. Books, Movies, and events in History. You can roleplay fiction or you can roleplay non-fiction. It is your choice.

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Get started now. Learn the basics of Wikimark-up here. Learn how to create your characters and talk bubbles here. And learn how to roleplay here. And finally learn our policies here.

When you have read all of those pages you are ready to start Roleplaying.

And if you have any questions go to the help desk.

Our Administration team

Our Administration team consits of Bureaucrats, Admins and Rollbacks. If you would like any of these rights go here.






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A Message from the Founder

I made this wiki so everybody can have their roleplaying needs in one wiki. All in one. I made it so people wouldn't have to go back and forth throught out wikis for one roleplaying subject and the other roleplaying subject. I made this wiki inspired by many roleplaying wikis I have been to throughout my time here at wikia. I made this wiki to change the future of Wiki roleplaying. Signed Algamicagrat.


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